Friday, 3 June 2016

Almost there...

The school year has a way of sliding by without much notice sometimes. We start school in September, then we have a hazy memory of Thanksgiving Mass and the Advent-Christmas Mass and brunch ...
                                 And then it's June 3rd!! 

We've had to make an effort to keep focused on the school year with it's ups and downs, ebb and flow.  There are weeks that the activities are fast and furious while other times, we settle into a routine of doing what is necessary to accomplish the task we have before us.

Faith is like that in a lot of ways.  One minute we are thrilled to be making our 1st Holy Communion and the next, we are in high school and we really haven't thought much about God... 
or Jesus... Or Faith...   
in like, forever, despite taking up pew space on Sundays.

It is just so easy to lose track of time, and of God in our lives; to realize that it has been months or even years since we've prayed, talked to God, felt a moment of God's peace.  

The truth of the matter is...  
for anything to be good we can't just let it slide.  
(school, faith, relationships, sports, music, working out, etc...)
We can't lose focus. 
     At the very least, we need to be able to Re-Focus!
We have to think about it, we have to work at it, we have to get up and do it, we have to appreciate the days that pass by because they never come again. 
Make the decision to work at LIFE, work at FAITH, work at LOVE. Everyday.