Thursday, 10 March 2016

Easter Weekend Mass Schedules

                             AT OUR LOCAL PARISHES

Good Shepherd Parish - St. Clair Beach
Holy Thursday - March 24 @ 7pm Both sites Adoration until 10pm
Good Friday - March 25 Stations @ 9:30, 11:30 Emeryville Location
                      Solemn Service @ 3pm Both Locations
Easter Vigil - March 268pm St. Clair Beach Location  (no Saturday 5pm mass)
Easter Sunday - March 27 @ 8am, 10am, and 12noon St. Clair Beach 
                               @ 9am and 11am Emeryville location

St. Anne Parish - Tecumseh
Holy Thursday - March 24 @ 7:00pm Adoration until Midnight 
Good Friday - March 25 
                       @ 11:00am Passion Play 
                       @ 3:00pm Passion of our Lord - Bilingual
Easter Vigil - Saturday March 26 @ 8:30pm: Mass of New Life, Light & Water 
Easter Sunday - March 27 @ 7:00am ▪ 8:30am-Fran├žais ▪ 10:00am 11:30am ▪ 1:00pm

St. Simon and St. Jude Parish - Belle River
Holy Thursday - March 24, 2016 @ 7pm Adoration until 10pm.
Good Friday - March 25, @ 3pm
Easter Vigil - March 26,  @ 8pm
Easter Sunday - March 27,  @ 9am and 11am

St. John The Evangelist Woodslee and St. Mary's Maidstone 
Holy Thursday - March 24, 2016 @ 7pm   St. John's
Good Friday - March 25, @  11am and 3pm  St. John's
Easter Vigil - March 26,  @ 7pm  St. Mary's
Easter Sunday - March 27,  @ 8am and 11:30am St. John's
                                          @ 9:30am St. Mary's

Visitation Parish - Comber
Holy Thursday - March 24, 2016 @ 7pm - Biligual Adoration until 10pm.
Good Friday - March 25, @ 3pm - Biligual
Easter Vigil - March 26,  @ 8pm
Easter Sunday - March 27,  @ 9am-Francais and 11am

Holy Name Parish - Essex
Holy Thursday - March 24, 2016 @ 7pm Adoration until Midnight.
Good Friday - March 25, @ 11am and 3pm
Easter Vigil - March 26,  @ 7pm
Easter Sunday - March 27,  @ 8am, 9:30am and 11:30am


It's Coming ...  Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate the first joy of the season, as we celebrate Our Lord's triumphant entrance into Jerusalem where he was welcomed by crowds worshiping him and laying down palm leaves before him. It also marks the beginning of Holy Week, with the greatest tragedy and sorrow of the year. 
Jesus' triumphant return to Jerusalem is only one side of the story.

By now many of the Jews are filled with hate for Our Lord. They want to see him stoned, calling Him a blasphemer, especially after offering proof of His Divinity during a winter visit to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Dedication.
After this, Jesus went to Perea, where he was summoned to Bethany. There he raised Lazarus from the dead, a miracle which wins Him such renown among certain Pharisees that they decided finally to end His life. 
Jesus took refuge at Ephrem returning six days before Passover to Bethany, triumphantly entering Jerusalem. That evening, He leaves Jerusalem and returns Monday. He spent time with Gentiles in the Temple, and on Wednesday left for the Mount of Olives. Here he foretold the apostles the events of the next several days, including His impending death.

He returned to Jerusalem on Thursday, to share the Last Supper with His apostles. He was subsequently arrested and tried. 
He was crucified at Calvary on Friday, outside the gates of Jerusalem. 

He was buried the same day, and arose three days later, on Easter Sunday.
All of this is done by our Lord for forgiveness of our sins, and for life everlasting with Him. 

God so loved us, that He sent His only begotten Son 
to die for us, so that our sins maybe forgiven.

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