Sunday, 10 May 2020

Student Reflection Friday

The Life of a Teen in Isolation

By Siobhan O’Donoghue

The ordinary life we all knew has changed before our very eyes and it can be overwhelming with so much uncertainty.  This is a time in history that we will all remember.  This pandemic has affected all of us in our own ways and it is through this tough time that we are being challenged to improve.
I can’t quite pinpoint the hardest part of this pandemic.  Obviously not getting to see my friends is a struggle but I would rather do my part now so that hopefully this can reduce the length of the restrictions we are currently under.  School has definitely taken a turn however I don’t mind online classes so far.  Personally my biggest struggle is not being able to visit my family who live out-of-town.  My grandparents require more help as they are getting older and I worry for them.  Being so far and unable to run errands or do simple chores for them isn’t easy.  
Even through these tough times I am still working part-time which is both a blessing and a curse.  I’m happy to do my part to serve the community and it helps to get out of the house.  However putting myself at risk by interacting with so many people seems to go against all the other steps I have been taking to stay safe. Customers also tend to be more intolerant which adds to unneeded stress and frustration.  
Throughout this unprecedented period, I have found myself turning to God more than usual.  My family and I usually go to church every Sunday.  With churches being closed we “go to” church via live stream.  It’s definitely a different feeling being just the four of us rather than a whole faith community but it means a lot to still be able to hear the sermon and nurture my faith.  
With so much darkness in our world right now I have found myself more grateful for the little things.  I don’t want to say that God is trying to punish us but I think that he is trying to readjust our thinking to make us more grateful.  We took advantage of being able to go places and to see our families and friends but when everything is over, I hope that people will be more appreciative.  God gave us one life and it is our job to make the most of it.
It’s quite simple to be lazy while being stuck at home.  Having extra free time has led me to do more of the things I enjoy but didn’t make time for previously.  This is a unique opportunity we are being given and should do those things we “never have time for”.

The world may seem like a dark place at the moment but it is important to remember all of our blessings and that there is still good going on in the world.  Together we will get through this. And as a great poet once said “You can’t have a rainbow without the rain.”

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