Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easter Celebrations!!


Alleluia, Alleluia! He Is Risen!

Our Triduum and Easter celebrations over the Easter weekend bring us to the same place as the apostles. "What Now?" 

As Catholics we have participated in all or part of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, His brutal crucifixion on Good Friday and, victoriously, 
His resurrection on Easter Sunday but ...
                          What do we do now??

I imagine the Apostles thought that their little group of followers were just about done.  Their leader dead, buried and now Risen...     WHAT??!!!
They headed back to work on the boats because, well, what else were they supposed to do. 

The Gospel of John recounts how the apostles had gone back out to the boats but couldn't catch a thing.  Jesus appeared to them and when they finally recognized him, he commanded them to "Feed My Sheep."

I somehow think this is the call that Jesus has for us, as well.  We are called to go out, no matter where we are, and bring light to the world, to treat others not only with kindness but with justice. It is our task to seek peace, in our homes and workplaces.  We might need to give up our own place of honour and recognize the importance of putting others first.  A little humility is never a bad thing as the Apostle Peter can attest! 
Pope Francis has named this the Jubilee Year of Mercy and we've got to get out there and just do it!  Be Merciful!! Show others who struggle and suffer, that regardless of your own feelings, you can offer them mercy and compassion for their situation.

And of course, Feed My Sheep!  To feed and clothe the hungry and naked in the community and in the world, is central to what we must do. 
We already know this and we do it, too!! 
However, part of feeding the sheep has to do with feeding the soul and spirit, as well.  

So, I guess I know what to do now, in some ways...
                                                                            off to feed the sheep!

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